Best Ways To Perfectly Pitch your Guest Post

When searching around on the internet I came across a lot of blogging sites and articles showcasing how to write a perfect guest post pitch and people bragging about how the got their guest post approved by the blogger by following the mentioned same old strict and perfect ways.

But a single thought was always striking my mind while going through those articles “Does it really need to be that perfect”. I mean it’s ultimately your idea that counts when it comes to your guest post being accepted or rejected. Guest post pitches don’t necessarily have to be perfect, but they do have to convey that you have a strong, unique idea and know how to execute it with some experience in freelance writing.

I accept that having a knowledge of the guidelines will increase the possibility of getting your post accepted but developing your own way of pitching and skill will take you much further and help you in a longer run

After doing a lot of research and going through tons of articles I have jotted down some points below which makes your idea stand out and shine in your guest post pitch rather than a strict and formal exchange

Get acquainted with their blog by visiting and reading the articles published:

I know that this may sound like a basic advice but this will not only help you in getting acquainted with their work but also fine tune your post topic/headline.

Visit their blog 5-10 times, this will help you in getting a rough idea about what their blog is about and the content popular among their audience. Fine tune the theme of your post using the audience popularity and rankings. Publishing what the audience may sound rather vague and like something that’s hard, but it’s actually not difficult at all. Just glance over what the audience comment and shares the most.

Setting aside the theme of the blog for the time being, your content has the best chance of getting accepted if it’s in tune with the current content that’s being published on the blog currently. Basically, once you’re a blog for a while you will start noticing patterns. As when the blogger gets into some specific topic within their niche they tend to stick with it for a month.

You should also post some in-depth and meaningful comment on their blog posts specifically on the most trending or popular among the audience.  You can also offer suggestion of something you think would add value to what they posted. The purpose of this to spur the interaction, as many of the authors of blog posts will reply to comments left on their posts and will notice your name and start to learn who you are.

Introduce Yourself:

Wait for a few days until you get reply to your comments as you shouldn’t rush on this stage. Believe it or not but our good ol’ personalization still goes a long.

Ultimately the bloggers on the other end are humans too and don’t like too formal or restricted communication way. Don’t just start your introduction with slang like “hey I really like your blog”, be specific about what made you come across their blog or why do you like the posts. Of course digging a bit deeper does helps. Apart from the person’s name you can also reference they something they uploaded on their blog or the products they offer. In general think of personalization as a required element, and not something which will give you an advantage.

Show them your skills:

When you start interacting with the editor, he will naturally start questioning your expertise as a writer skilled enough to write about a give topic. You need to prove that you’re a capable person and have some experience as a writer.

You can prove yourself in a variety of ways but the more simple one is to provide some samples of your previous work preferably in the form of already published posts on other sites.

Keep it short and concise:

After you have fine tuned your guest post as per your unique idea you need to present it in a short and concise manner. No one really likes to read long posts having more unnecessary content than required to present your idea. Firstly, the headline is the ultimate thing that matters. It also indicates that people don’t really have the time to read long e-mails.

Even a simple single line introduction along with your idea goes a long way. Care should be taken to avoid any careless grammatical mistakes.

This is the one area that’s going to form your image as blogger, who’s either capable of writing quality articles or simply bad at grammar. Why would anyone allow a writer who can’t even get his grammar right?

 Make your post attractive:

Including visuals and images in your post helps it to stand out from the rest. After all a human eye gets attracted to visual content more easily than text and can help you get more responses. Include meaningful and compelling images to your post which are related to the topic of the post. Believe me it helps!

Be confident:

Being confident always pays off as everyone can believe you if you have confidence on your work. What good a person can do if he doesn’t even trust his own work?

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