How to Check Own Mobile Number (All Network Operators)

Are you looking for USSD Codes to Check own Mobile Number in case of no balance in Mobile Phone?  In this Post, I will tell you USSD Codes of All major Operators which you can dial to check own Mobile Number. This is very simple method to check own phone number and the best part it works in Zero Balance too. You can Dial these USSD Codes to know your  Airtel, Vodafone, Idea or any other Operator Mobile Number.

How to Check Own Mobile Number

Mobile Number Check USSD Codes

When you buy a New Sim, you get details of Activate Plan, Mobile Number on Slip. What you will if you don’t know your current number and also lost that Slip. In this Situation, you can dial these Own Number Check Codes to know Mobile Number. These are 100% Working USSD Codes to check own Mobile Number. You can dial any of given below USSD Codes according to your Operator to know your Own Phone Number. Using these Phone Number Check Codes, You can check your Mobile Number by dialing these USSD Codes without any need of calling your Friends in order to know own mobile Number.

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Check Own Mobile Number

Each Mobile Network operator provides Some USSD Codes which you can dial to check own Phone Number, Mobile Balance, Active Plans, etc. In this Post, I will tell you USSD Code of each Indian Telecom Operator to Check own Mobile Number. These Phone Number Check Code help you when you forgot your Mobile Number and have no zero balance. You can dial any USSD code and your Mobile number will be flashed on your mobile Screen. Don’t forget to note it down o remember it otherwise you need the USSD Code again to know the Phone number.

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Mobile Number Check Codes

Dial these USSD Codes and know your Own Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, Reliance Jio or any other Operator Mobile Number. These 100% Working USSD Codes and most of them are personally checked by me. So here is the Complete List of All Operators Mobile Number Check USSD Codes.

Mobile OperatorUSSD Check Code
Airtel*121*9# / *121*1#
Tata Docomo*580#
Aircel*131# / *1#

How to Check Own Mobile Number via USSD Code

Now I will tell you Mobile Number Check USSD Codes of each Operator individually. Just open your Mobile Dial pad and dial the USSD Code as per your Operator to Check your Own Phone Number. No need to give miscall to Friends if you forgot your Mobile Number, Just Dial any USSD code and get detailsof your Mobile Number.

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Know my Airtel Number / How to Check Airtel Number 

If you have Airtel Operator and forgotten your Airtel Number. Then To know your Airtel Mobile Number, Just dial the Airtel number check code from your Mobile Diapad and your Airtel Mobile Number will flash on your mobile screen.

how to check own phone number

USSD Codes:-








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USSD Code to Check Vodafone own Number 

If you have Vodafone Number and want to know Vodafone Number, then open your Phone Dial Pad and dial any Vodafone Number check code from the USSD Codes provided below.

check own mobile number

USSD Codes:-






Find Idea own Phone Number USSD Code

Want to know your own Idea Number and have Zero Balance in your Idea Sim. Then You can Dial any of given Idea number check code and your Idea Number will display on your Mobile Screen.

USSD Codes:-






How to check BSNL number (Own Mobile Number)

In order to check own BSNL Mobile Number, Dial the USSD Code given using your BSNL SIm and BSNL Number will be displayed on your screen instantly.

know my bsnl number

USSD Codes:-




 Jio Number Check Code / Know your Jio Number

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Jio is widely used Operator and giving a tough fight to Airtel, Vodafone, etc. If you are Jio User and Forgot your Jio Mobile number then don’t worry, You can know your Jio Number by dialing any of Know Jio Number USSD Codes below.

How to Check Own Mobile Number

USSD Codes:-


Alternative Method:-

Just Download MyJio App and Login using your Jio Number. Your Jio Number will display on your Screen.

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Find own Aircel Mobile Number

Searching for Aircel USSD Codes to check Aircel Own Number? Then don’t search anymore as I will tell you all aircel number check ussd code here. Just open your Dial Pad and dial any of Aircel Own Number check codes and your Aircel Number will be displayed instantly.

aircel number check codes

USSD Codes:-






Check own Mobile Number Code (Telenor Operator)

Dial any USSD code from Telenor Number Check Code provided below. Just Follow the below procedure to check your Telenor Number.

know own phone number

USSD Codes:-



Find your Own Tata Docomo Number

Tata Docomo is one of the Old Operator used by many People. If you have forgotten your Tata Docomo Number and want to Recharge your Tata Docomo for making Calls. Then Make use of Check Tata Docomo USSD Code given below and check your Own Tata Docomo Number

How to Check Own Mobile Number

USSD Codes:-


Know own Videocon mobile number Check code

Videocon also provides USSD Codes to their customers to Check Videocon Own Phone Number. Just dial any Videocon Number Check Codes to know your Videocon Mobile Number.

own mobile number check code

USSD Codes:-



Final Words:-

So this is the method to check own Mobile Number. I have provided Know Mobile Number USSD Codes of all major operators like Airtel, Vodafone, Jio, Idea, etc so that you won’t need to search the whole internet for finding ways to find own mobile number. These Phone Number Check Codes are very helpful to get find own number in case of zero balance and you need mobile Number for doing  Recharge on it.

Comment below if you know more USSD codes for checking Mobile Number and I will add them to the Post.

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