Facebook Research App | Earn $2000 – $5000 per month easily

Facebook Research App Loot:- Earn unlimited money per month

So, I was searching for some online ways to earn money on Internet a month ago. After lot of research, I found Facebook Research App. And trust me, it’s a very nice and superb way of making good amount of money via your smartphone through this App. Best part of this Online earning trick is that you don’t need to do any type of work and you can enjoy earning money sitting at home. Yes! You read it correct. All you have to download & install Facebook Research App on your Smartphone and you’re ready to earn money through this App. You will get $5 each month and can earn more than $2000 per month by referring friends & relatives. Looks unbelievable right but it isn’t. You can increase your earning by referring this Facebook Research program to your friends and loved ones.

Joining Invite Mails are coming late. Kindly wait for 5-6 days. You will surely get the invite mail. If you still didn’t get then fill up the form again or comment below

Facebook Research App - Earn $2000 - $5000 per month Easily

What is Facebook Research App?

Actually, Facebook Research App is a Research App which sends all of your app data and usage statistics to Facebook Research program owned by Applause. They’ll use this information for Research purpose. And in exchange for the data they collected from your Smartphone, you’ll be paid at least $5 each month. Well, you can increase your earning upto $5000 by referring from Facebook Research Application with your Friends & Relatives. There is no limit or restrictions on number of referrals and you can do unlimited referrals and you can earn easily earn $2000-$5000 per month

Is Facebook Research Panel Is Safe?

There are numerous apps which collects our data without even telling us. So, it’s better to make some cash if we use this program. From this FB Research program, you can earn free $5 each month in PayPal without doing work. Also, You can earn upto $2000 every month from this program by referring your friends and family members.

In my opinion, It is good idea to earn Some easy money from this App. It fully trusted and many of my friends already got payment from this Program. I have attached proof of payment at the end of the post.

Facebook Research App Trick 2018 – Earn thousands of Dollar every month

I have provided all the information of this Facebook Research App loot in this post so that you won’t face any difficulty in joining this Facebook Research Program. I have also attached a proof of payment I got from this App. It is real and really pay their users. So no need to worry!

The Facebook Research Program from Applause also has an amazing refer & earn program, In this Facebook Research App Referral Program, You will get $10 per month for each referral within 30 days of joining Facebook Research App and $5 per month for each active refer after 30 days of joining Facebook Research App. Your referred friend needs to be active in this Program then only you will be paid for that particular referral.

Facebook Research App - Earn $2000 - $5000 per month Easily

Requirement to Join Facebook Research App Program:-

  • Android Smartphone with Android 6.0 & above or Apple iPhone with IOS version 8.0 or higher
  • Invitation Link is necessary to join this Facebook Research App (Don’t worry, We will give you Invite link of this Research App)
  • A Paypal Verified Account to receive monthly payment from Facebook Research App

How to Join Facebook Research Program?

  • Firstly, You need to have Paypal Account to Join this Program. So create Paypal account if you don’t have one right
  • Afterward, you want an invite to join the application.
  • To get Invite link, Fill up this Facebook Research App Join Form

(You can also comment your Paypal email id below and Full Name and we will send you invite link 😊 )

  • Now, We will send you invite for joining this Program
  • You will get a invite mail to your Email Inbox within 24-48 hours
  • Open the mail, Click on the Signup link and fill up the required details.

Facebook Research App - Earn $2000 - $5000 per month Easily

  • Afterward, You will again receive with Facebook Research Apk link along with Installation Code
  • Download the Facebook Research App and install it on your Smartphone
  • After installation, start the app and then enter your code which you get by email.
  • You’ll find a email within two days.
  • In the email, click the registration link and fill all the particulars.
  • Then, you will again get a mail 1-3 days with apk link along with your setup code.
  • After installation, start the app and then enter your code which you will receive by email.

Remember:- Enable access to the App and provide all the Permissions asked by App to run it in Background.  Keep checking app daily to ensure it must be active. In Mi smartphone its show in the notification, while in another brand smartphone its show key icon in notification bar.

  • Finally, Restart your Smartphone
  • That’s it, You will again a mail of successful signup & installation within 2-3 days

Important Instruction for Mi Smartphone Users

  1. Kindly Turn on Autostart for this App. To do this, Goto Settings >> Permissions >> Turn on the  Autostart for Facebook Research App
  2. Now, simply keep app install on your own Smartphone and earn money via Paypal

Facebook Research App Trick

Facebook Research App referral program: Earn $2000 per month

  • You will get $5 per month for every month you’re active in the program
  • You may get $10 per month for each referral that signs up for the FB Research Project within 30 days of you joining the application, for each and every month that they participate
  • You’ll also get $5 per month for each referral that signs up to this Project after 30 days of you joining the program, for every month that they participate
  • You will also make a $20 bonus per month for each five referrals that are active in the program (For Example: if you have 15 referrals which were active in a particular month, then you will get a $60 bonus that month; if you have 20, you’ll get $80, etc.)
  • Therefore, if you refer 5 friends then you will easily earn $75 every month.
  • To earn the most amount of money, refer as many individuals as possible and make sure they join the program! The earlier you refer friends, the more money you’ll make when they join, so start referring today!
  • According to my thinking, everyone can do 5 refer easily because you can refer your family members also and 5 refers is not a major deal
  • Payment for referrals is paid out monthly for this undertaking, and there’s no limitation to the number of referrals you can submit!! A user who do even just 5 referrals can make $2000 monthly, doing nothing but keeping the research app installed!!

So for whom you are waiting for? Go ahead and start referring your friends and family members to earn $2000 monthly from this App :D

Payment Proof

This is not mine proof. One of my Facebook Friend already got $1195 which is equal to around Rs 80k+ from Facebook Research App. Mine Payment is yet to be received :)

Facebook Research App Proof

Facebook Research App trick

About Applause

The company that is operating this project is Applause. Applause is a global leader in crowd testing, feedback and research. Our global community of software experts provide a full range of testing and feedback services, at a pace customers can’t live without.

Final words:- 

I expect that you like this Facebook Research Program. You can make unlimited cash through this program. If you have any doubts or query concerning this program then you can comment below, I will solve your all queries and doubts. If you like this then don’t enjoy alone. Share it with your friends and loved ones as sharing is caring

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