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Garena is one of the most popular game in the market. Therefore in this article, we are going to share every important information about Garena Free Fire. I will share my personal experience that I experienced while playing the game. So we can say it is a Free Fire Game Review with a complete description of the game.

Just go through the article and you will learn so many interesting facts about the game. So, without wasting more time Let ‘s Start.

Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a Survival Shooter Game. It is available of Android as well as iOS too. Free Fire is a third-person action game. In 2009, it was first made in Singapore. When you will start the game, the game will place you on a remote Island. You have look for weapons, and different items like Armor, Repair Kit, Medical Kit, etc.

In Free Fire, you will have to seek for your survival. Just collect different items to defend yourself, to kill others, for your First Aid. The game also includes vehicles that a player can find in the game. In short, we can say you have made your player safe, make strategy and the last surviving player among the 50 players on the Island will win the game.


If we talk about the features of Free Fire then it has a number of great features to offer to its users. Personally, when I played the game, I loved so many features of this game. And I am mentioning some of them below.

1. Graphics

The first thing that attracts me as a user was the Graphics of the game. According to me, it is a very important part of a game. And Free Fire has beautiful graphics to offer to its users. When you play the game it looks real because of Smooth Graphics. And that is why I loved this feature the most.

2. Play with Friends

Now the Best Feature that almost all of the players are attracted for, the Multiplayer Feature. Games are made to entertain us and when we get the company of our friends then the entertainment becomes double. Free Fire Allows you to play your friends and even you can make your squad or Team in which you can add up to Players. Just select and invite your friends and go for it.

3. Voice Chat

Yeah, I can’t forget this feature. This is a very unique feature that you can find rarely in the games. This sounds pretty good that you can Voice Chat with other players or your friends while playing the game. Voice Chat feature is Interesting as well as helpful too. You don’t have to type messages or long texts to make a plan or strategy. Just turn on Voice chat and tell them about the strategy while playing the game.


The only limitation that I feel is that it is available only for Android and iOS. There is no version available for PC. However, you can still play the game on your PC or Laptop with the help of Android Emulator.

According to me and my user experience, Bluestacks is the best Android Emulator. If you have any name on your mind then you must use Bluestacks Android Emulator to play the Free Fire game on your PC or Laptop.

The Updated Version of Free Fire

The updated version of  Free Fire recently came in the Market on July 15, 2019. And, here is the list of newly added features in the latest Update of Free Fire.

Info of the Updated Version

  • Name: Free Fire
  • Size: 63 MB
  • Latest Version:37.0
  • Google Play Store: Link
  • Requirements for Android: Android Version 4.0.3 or Later is required.
  • Ratings on PlayStore:5 Star Ratings.
  • Download Free Fire Mod

Newly Added Features

  • The latest version of Free Fire comes with a new Character named as Rafael.
  • M79 Shotgun has become Airdrop only weapon.
  • Includes GrandMaster, a new Rank Tier.
  • New items Included like Gatling Gun and Repairing Kit.
  • Summer Themed Spawn Island is now available.
  • In Bermuda-Casual, Toxic Zone is added.
  • In Purgatory, Hot Zone is Added.
  • RP Calculation Optimization.
  • Auto PickUp Optimization.
  • Adjustment option in Weapon Stats.
  • In death Uprising, New bosses and Difficulty are included.
  • CG-15 is deleted from Casual and Ranked.
  • More Settings Options are now available for the Custom Rooms.


1. Which Country Made Free Fire Game?

Free Fire game is provided by Singapore. As the Free Fire game is developed and published by Garena game developer company. And it is based on Singapore.

2. Who Invented Free Fire?

Free Fire game is published by Garena. Garena is a game developer company and the game Free Fire is developed by 111dots Studio which is also a part of Garena.

3. Which is the Best Weapon in Free Fire?

There you can find different Weapons in Free Fire. And the best of them are M500 (HandGun), MP5 (Machine Gun), M1014 (ShotGun), Groza (Assault Rifle), AWM (Sniper Rifles).

4. Is Free Fire Available for PC?

Officially, Free Fire is not available of PC. But you can still play the game with Android Emulators. Bluestacks Android Emulator is the recommended one.

5. Which is the Best Gun in Garena Free Fire?

You can find several Guns in Free Fire and the best of them are as follows.

  • Snipper Rifles – AWM, Dragunov
  • Assault Rifles – Groza,
  • ShotGuns – SPAS12, M1014
  • Small Machine Guns – MP5, VSS
  • HandGuns – M500

Final Verdict

Finally, at the end of this article, I hope you will like the article. And it will help you to get more information about Garena Free Fire. If you liked the article then share it with your friends and colleagues. You can share it on your social media links.

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