Trick to Convert Mobikwik Supercash to Bigbasket Cash

Trick to Convert Mobikwik Supercash to Bigbasket Cash. Hey guys, hope you all know that Mobikwik has recently introduced the Supercash System. They give cashback in the form of Mobikwik Supercash which has lots of Terms and conditions. In Simple Word, Mobikwiki Supercash is not much Useful due to lot of terms and Conditions imposed on iitsusage. So here is a trick by which you can convert all your Mobikwik Supercash to Bigbasket Cash. This trick can be banned anytime so hurry up and convert your Mobikwik Supercash !!

How to convert Mobikwik Supercash to Bigbasket Cash:-

1) First thing to note, You can only use 10% of  totalSupercash balance so if you have Rs 300 Mobikwik Supercash, then you can only use Rs 30 from your Mobikwik Supercash Balance.

2) Now Visit Bigbasket Website

3) Place the order of Rs 30.

Bonus Tip – Add any biscuit worth Rs 10 and shipping charge is Rs 20.

4) Make a Payment through Mobikwik Supercash.

5) Now you are left with Rs 270 Mobikwik Supercash , Again Place the order of Rs 27 (10% of Mobikwik Supercash) in same time slot in order to avoid delivery charge.

6) Make a payment again through Mobikwik Supercash.

7) In this way, Place 3 more orders so that your total orders become 5.

8) Now cancel the first 4 orders placed.

9) That’s it, You will get instant refund in the form of Bigbasket Cash.

10) Please don’t cancel your last order in order to avoid delivery charge.

11) In this way, Place 4 orders again in same time slot and cancel it again to get an instant refund in Bigbasket wallet until all your Mobikwik Supercash get burned.

Note- Use this trick in a limit as cancelling lots of orders on Bigbasket will be banned your bigbasket Account

12) After Collecting lots of Bigbasket Cash by using this trick, You can place one big order of your Daily Need on Bigbasket

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